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The Run command on Microsoft Windows operating system allows you to directly open an application or document with just a single command instead of navigating to it’s location and double-clicking the executable icon. However, it only works for some of the inbuilt Windows programs such as Command prompt (cmd), Calculator (calc) etc. So, have you ever wondered how to create your own customized Run commands for accessing your favorite programs, files and folders? Well, read on to find out the answer.

Creating the Customized Run Command

Let me take up an example of how to create a customized run command for opening the game Angry Birds. Once you create this command, you should be able to open the Angry Birds just by typing "ab” (without quotes) in the Run dialog box. Here is how you can do that.

Step 1. Right click on your Desktop and select New -> Shortcut.

Step 2. You will see a "Create Shortcut” Dialog box as shown below

Step 3. Click on "Browse”, navigate to: Program Files -> Angry Birds from your Root drive (usually C:\) and select "AngryBirds” as shown in the above figure and click on "OK”.

Step 4. Now click on "Next” and type any name for your shortcut. You can choose any name as per your choice; this will be your customized "Run command”. In this case I name my shortcut as "ab”. Click on "Finish”.

Step 5. You will see a shortcut named "ab” on your desktop. All you need to do is just copy this shortcut and paste it in your Windows folder (usually "C:/Windows”). Once you have copied the shortcut onto your Windows folder, you can delete the one on your Desktop.

Step 6. That’s it! From now on, just open the Run dialog box, type ab and hit Enter to open the Angry Birds.

In this way you can create customized Run commands for any program of your choice. Say "ff” for Firefox, "ch” for Google Chrome, "cs” for Counter Strike and so on.

To do this, when you click on "Browse” in the Step-3, just select the target program’s main executable (.exe) file which will usually be located in the C:\Program Files folder. Give a simple and short name for this shortcut as per your choice and copy the shortcut file onto the Windows folder as usual. Now just type this short name in the Run dialog box to open the program.

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