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How Email Works?

ü  Email sending and receiving is controlled by the Email servers. All Email service providers configure Email Server before anyone can Sign into his or her account and start communicating digitally.

ü      Once the servers are ready to go, users from across the world register in to these Email servers and setup an Email account. When they have a fully working Email account, they sign into their accounts and start connecting to other users using the Email services.

Email Travelling Path

ü Let’s say we have two Email providers, one is Server1.com and other is Server2.in, ABC is a registered user in Server1.com and XYZ is a registered user in Server2.in.

ü ABC signs in to his Email account in Server1.com, he then writes a mail to the xyz@server2.in and click on Send and gets the message that the Email is sent successfully.

ü But what happens behind the curtains, the Email from the computer of abc@server1.com is forwarded to the Email server of Server1.com. Server1 then looks for server2.in on the internet and forwards the Email of the server2.in for the account of XYZ. Server2.in receives the Email from server1.com and puts it in the account of XYZ.

ü XYZ then sits on computer and signs in to her Email account. Now she has the message in her Email inbox.


Hacking Tech

We are here to provide free hacking tutorials of ethical hacking and some part of cracking.. as for the ethical hacking you should have the knowledge of cracking...the basics of ehical hacking and every part of introduction will be posted here..

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