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Keystroke loggers

v Keystroke Loggers (or Key loggers) intercept the Target’s keystrokes and either saves them in a file to be read later, or transmit them to a predetermined destination accessible to the Hacker.

v Since Keystroke logging programs record every keystroke typed in via the keyboard, they can capture a wide variety of confidential information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and private Email correspondence, names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Types of keyloggers

v Hardware keylogger

v Software keylogger

Some Famous keyloggers

Ø Actual Spy

Ø Perfect Keylogger

Ø Family Keylogger

Ø Home Keylogger

Ø Soft Central Keylogger

Ø Adramax Keylogger

Securing your Email account

ü Always configure a Secondary Email Address for the recovery purpose.

ü Properly configure the Security Question and Answer in the Email Account.

ü Do Not Open Emails from strangers.

ü Do Not Use any other’s computer to check your Email.

ü Take Care of the Phishing Links.

ü Do not reveal your Passwords to your Friends or Mates.

Hacking Tech

We are here to provide free hacking tutorials of ethical hacking and some part of cracking.. as for the ethical hacking you should have the knowledge of cracking...the basics of ehical hacking and every part of introduction will be posted here..

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