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Make a Private folder With your password

Step 1:- Open The Notepad.exe

Step 2:- Copy the following code into the notepad.

Step 3:- Now change the password in the if NOT %pass%== YOUR PASSWORD goto FAIL line replace text of Your Password with your password for the folder lock.

Step 4:- Now Save this file as locker.bat and You are done.

Step 5:- Now Open The Locker.bat file and enter your password to open a private folder of yours. 

Step 6:- Now copy paste the files which you want to hide and make it secure in the private folder.

Step 7:- Now again open the Locker.bat file and press 'Y' to lock the private folder with your password.

Step 8:- Now to again open the secured files open the locker.bat file Enter Your password and your files are there for you.

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We are here to provide free hacking tutorials of ethical hacking and some part of cracking.. as for the ethical hacking you should have the knowledge of cracking...the basics of ehical hacking and every part of introduction will be posted here..

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